Benjamin 1703

Benjamin Dufty 1703

This line of the tree has been substantially put together by Lois Chiasson who lives in the small village of Burnt River in the City of the Kawartha Lakes in Ontario, Canada.  Lois has also helped put more detail onto the existing tree.

Benjamin Dufty was born 9 December 1703 at Epperstone, Nottingham, England and died in 1753.  He married Elizabeth Turner on 17 March 1725 in Mansfield, Nottingham, England.  She was born 1704 in Epperstone, Nottingham,England, and died 1757 in Epperston, Nottingham, England.

Benjamin was christened Dec 9, 1703 in Epperstone, Nottingham, England.

Elizabeth is the daughter of Edward Turner.  Elizabeth was baptized August 4, 1704 in Mansfield, Nottingham, England


Burial: 17 April 1757, Epperston, Nottingham, England



Name Brian B. Brian Benjamin George Elizabeth William Joseph
born 9 May 1728, Epperstone 1773 2 July 1731, Epperstone 29 March 1737, Epperstone
christened March 29, 1737 in Epperstone
29 August 1741, Epperstone christened April 3, 1730 in Epperstone, 1 March 1744 Epperstone, baptized Mar 31, 1744.
married ? 1753
to Mary Elizabeth Hind
died December 8 1728
buried 6 Jan 1729
1773 18 April 1742, Epperstone 1765

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