Bryan 1805

Bryan Dufty 1805

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Bryan Dufty was born 15 February 1805 in Sheepwash, Devon, England, and died 12 November 1843 in East Luxton, Winkleigh, Devon, England. He married JOANNA FULFORD 9 December 1830 in Milton Damerel, Devon. She was born 1813, and died 1880 in East Luxton, Winkleigh, Devon, England.

Bryan was christened February 25, 1805 in Sheepwash, Devon, England.  Cause of Death: Typhus He died at his home in East Luxton.  Bryan’s gravestone still stands.

They had 5 children;

Name John Samuel Betsy Mary  Bryan Thomas William
born 3 June 1832, East Luxton, Winkleigh, Devon 9 May 1834, England 1835  1837 1839, Milton Damerel 1842 1842
married    (1)17 October 1865 in Ontario
(2)21 July 1890 in Uxbridge, Ontario
    9 November 1865    
d. 23 October 1875, Ashley Cottage
died 1909, Nhill, Australia            

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