Francis Pacy 1890

Francis Pacy Dufty 1890

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Frances Pacy Dufty was born in 1890 and married Eva Woodcock from Thorne in S Yorkshire ? They had one son called Francis Joseph Dufty (Joe) and he was born in 1924.

Francis had a car business in Cheltnam just before the onset of ww1. Consequently, the firm went broke! in those days a real disgrace but was just a matter of wars and circumstance. Son Joseph was born i Doncaster but lived in Thorne, just outside Doncaster. Times were quite hard and they started taking in lodgers. This need to get involved with accommodation eventually led to them starting their own ‘boarding house’ in Blackpool. The business was started with a £50 loan from Mary Elizabeth Dufty. Francis Pacy joined the army the army in 1939 for ww2 and Eva took in firstly civil service, then army and finnally RAF billeted soldiers and airmen. After the war the boarding house continued. The Doncaster Dufty and Parker family were regular visitors in the 1950’s

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