Frank J North 1839

Frank J North Dufty 1839

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frank-j-north-duftyFrank (or Francis) J North Dufty was the eldest of three sons to John North Dufty and his wife.  John North was born in 1839 and was the village schoolmaster in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire for 34 years and died in 1919 in Southport.

Frank (and his brother Ernest) died before his niece Jean Dufty was born (in 1936), or very soon after that date, and she has little information on them, not even date of birth and death, or in Frank’s case date of marriage or wife’s name.   Frank’s full name may have been Francis.

A copy of a letter he wrote to another Dufty in 1925 says he taught modern languages and nature study for many years in Switzerland and Germany and was interned in Rulleben from 1914 to 1919 as a Civil Prisoner of war.  He was living in Skipton in Yorkshire when he wrote the letter.

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