Joseph 1701

Joseph Dufty 1701-1751

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was born 1701 in Epperstone Nottingham,Engalnd, and died 16 April 1751. He married ELIZABETH BLATHERWICK 21 December 1723 in Winburn,   She was born Abt. 1702 in Halloughton, Nottingham, England, and died 1766..

Name John  Mary  Sarah Ann Elizabeth Elizabeth Hannah Thomas (1)  JOSEPH
born 25 January 1724. 6 January 1726, Epperstone, Nottingham, England 19 September 1729, Epperstone, Nottingham, England 6 January 1735, Epperstone, Nottingham, England.  christened January 6 , 1735 in Epperstone, Nottingham, England 5 November 1730, Epperstone, Nottingham, England.  christened November 5, 1730 in Epperstone, Nottingham, England. 21 December 1739, Epperstone, Nottingham, England. 25 January 1743, Epperstone, Nottingham, England. 10 December 1746, Epperstone, Nottingham, England; d. 1821 3 June 1733, Epperstone, Nottingham, England. christened June 3, 1733 in Epperstone, Nottingham, England
married 1752 1746 1754 1757
to Mary Marrat Thomas Neep John Glover Jnr John Blatherwick (1)Isabella (2)Martha (3)Ruth
died 2 February 1789. Burial: 16 April 1735 1788, 1791, 1821

They had eight children;  Click on this image to enlarge


John and Mary had one child, a son, John, in 1753.  Mary died in 1754.  Thomas Neep was born in 1719.  Thomas Dufty and his first wife, Isabella, had three children, Thomas(1774), John(1776) and Elizabeth(1778), and Isabella died in 1778.  He and his second wife, Martha, had five children, William(1781), Charlotte(1782), Mary(1785), Sarah(1787) and Joseph(1791), and Martha died in 1791.  His third wife was Ruth, born in 1749 and died in 1819.  There were no children from this marriage.  Thomas died in 1821.

In Epperstone church there is memorial window dedicated to Captain William Dufty in 1845 by his widow.

(Parkers, Jean Dufty, Karen Dufty, Nigel Dufty follow Thomas

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