Mary Elizabeth 1886

Mary Elizabeth Dufty 1886

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Mary Elizabeth Dufty was born in 1886 and married Thomas Shores in 1883. They had two children.

Name Kathleen Mary shores Margaret Elizabeth Shores
born 28th June1914 1916
married 1942
to Stanley Parker
died 22nd February 2001 2008

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Mary, or Polly as she was known was born in Doncaster in Young Street.  Although she trained in dressmaking, Mary became a teacher and taught at the Parish Church School.  She met her husband Thomas in Doncater when he lodged at the house for a short time.  We think that he was managing the Doncaster taylors shop before moving back to Hull.  They married at Doncaster Parish Church, then moved to Hull.  155 Blenhiem Street.  Thomas’s taylors shop was just around the corner in Spring Bank.

Kathlene Mary Shores was born in Hull, however, the war started and Thomas joined the Ambulance Corp. He was 32 when he joined and did so voluntarily.  He was killed at Ypres (Popperinge) on the 5th  1917.  Margaret was born in Doncaster at Young street 11th April 1916 as Mary had moved back to have the birth.  After Thomas was killed, the family moved back to Mary’s parents, Francis and Clara Dufty.  The family moved to 20 Benetthorpe in Doncaster.  Mary continued to teach at the school and took Margaret with her.  Margaret was then moved to a private school because of the bad language at this school.  Mary continued teaching until Katheline finished College.  Joe, Clara and Mary moved to 6 Franklin Cresent Benetthorpe in 1934, where they remained for the rest of their lives.


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